Chapter 4 – Existent Good Practice Instruments
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Precious Plastic Salento

The project involves the reuse of plastic waste through a chain of production and reproduction of the plastic material from the waste material. The project is articulated through the handcrafted creation of machinery that does the work of shredding the various types of plastic, and molding new objects made on handcrafted molds. The methodology of problem-solving and experimental research is used to stimulate participants’ understanding of the correlations between the environment and human activities.

Participants can gain awareness of the value of plastic waste. They will realize that plastic can be valuable resource for creating new objects than simply being discarded as waste. Participants, can learn techniques for processing and upcycling plastic materials into new valuable objects. They can acquire practical know-how about machinery construction, mold creation, and plastic processing, which they can then share with others.Participants can encouraging others to reduce waste and reuse plastic materials