Chapter 4 – Existent Good Practice Instruments

Existing Good Practices

The Plastic Recycled Circular Economy emphasizes the importance of reusing, repurposing, and recycling plastics to minimize their negative environmental effects. 

At the same, innovative artists and educators work on to make discarded plastic materials into useful works of art and practical objects. 

The impact of these good practices extends beyond individual growth; it resonates on a broader societal scale. By empowering adults with the ability to transform discarded plastics into valuable products or art, these initiatives reduce plastic waste, conserve resources, and promote responsible consumption. 


As communities witness tangible changes brought about by these practices, they are inspired to embrace sustainability in their daily lives.

The project consortium of the Improved Employability Through Circular Economy Education for Adults (IDEA) chose 6 good practices on Plastic Craftwork and Circular Economy. 

All of these good practices are meant to empower unemployed low skilled adults, but at the same time are inclusive and can also be used among diverse range of learners, regardless of their prior educational backgrounds or professional experiences. 

These good practices focused on plastic recycling and craftwork apart from being important for the labor market it can be a meaningful hobby for unemployed adults and in general people from all ages.