Chapter 4 – Existent Good Practice Instruments
About Lesson

Art Cycle of Recycle

Art Cycle of Recycle is an initiative that is making a significant impact through creative approach to plastic craftwork. With a passion for transforming plastic waste, particularly discarded bottles, into eco-friendly jewelry, Elena had a workshop for a non-formal group named Smetlana on the art of reusing plastic waste. Her innovative jewelry not only is beautiful but it also reminds us that plastic can be a valuable and precious material, and waste is not trash. This initiative resonates with people of all ages interested in preserving the environment and offers a creative way towards sustainability

Expected outcome:

Participants are likely to develop a heightened awareness of plastic pollution and its impact on the environment. They will acquire practical skills in transforming plastic waste into eco-friendly jewelry. They will learn techniques for cutting, shaping, and assembling plastic pieces, which can be applied to future projects. It also encourages creative expression through the creation of unique jewelry. Participants may discover their artistic talents and use this platform to express themselves artistically.