Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Toolkit
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European priorities in the field of employment and sustainability

In the years to come, a key challenge is to ensure that the green transition succeeds in generating a new growth model that has a lower carbon footprint than at present.

Labour markets across the EU undergo profound changes as the green transition takes shape. Restructuring processes in the post-Covid recovery as well as the green and digital transitions are shaping modern labour markets and define skills requirements.

The green and digital transitions are interlinked and mutually reinforcing.

The challenge is to ensure a positive impact of greening policies on employment, and that better performing education and training systems and improved employment policies actually support the greening transition by ensuring a good match between skills and jobs throughout the green transition.

It is crucial to ensure that the green and social dimensions of Europe are creating positive synergies and contribute to successful enterprises, sustainable employment opportunities for workers and well-being of all citizens.